Canada is a land of immigrants

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Canada is the centre of attraction for thousands of international students who want to pursue their higher studies from abroad. Every year many people settle in this nation from every corner of the world. Canada is a safe and supportive place to live. You can experience a new and beautiful life in the country. Living in Canada is different from other Western Countries with some unique Canadian flavour explicitly brought by the locals. Many students are getting a head start on their careers by working in Canada. People are also able to expand their industry contacts in Canada through co-op placements and field trips. Canada is most famous for its natural beauty. For many in other countries, the word Canada evokes images of wide- open spaces, dramatic mountains, pristine forests and majestic lakes.

Canada’s major cities are beautiful and exciting for newcomers as they offer several ways for entertain while they reside there. Vancouver has been named the best place to live in the world more than a few times. The west coast city in British Columbia boasts a busy cultural life, a vibrant platter of ethnically diverse restaurants and a cosmopolitan population. Toronto is the largest city in Canada and also home to CN tower. Ice hockey during the winter season is well known among peoples living in Canada.

Canada has a national policy of multiculturalism and works to ensure that people customs and traditions are preserved and respected. There is an excellent diversity everywhere in Canada. An individual exists at the intersection of their value systems, personal characteristics and life experiences including culture, place of origin, citizenship, religion, spirituality, race, class and differing abilities, or a combination of these traits. An understanding of the many dimensions of diversity is essential to ensure that societies are inclusive places for all to live, learn and work. The goal of this domain is for you to recognise the many dimensions of diversity and to understand and adopt inclusive practices that will prepare you to serve as an all-inclusive leader who respectfully interacts with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

24 hours quick Health and care facilities are available in Canada. Canadians have a reputation for being very polite. In addition to politeness, students received a warm welcome from their community in Canada, including neighbours, classmates, instructors, homestay families and even strangers on the street. Students felt precisely like home while studying in Canada.

Canada is a bilingual country, a community of immigrants and a world leader in English and French language training. English and French are two official languages of Canada. A wide variety of programs will improve your fluency and capacity for further study, personal development or business training. Walk down the street in one of Canada’s major cities, and you won’t be surprised to hear a dozen languages spoken. Census of Population reported more than 200 languages as a home language or mother tongue. 17.5 percent said speaking at least two languages at home, compared to 14.2 percent in 2006. In 2011, 80 percent of the population who reported speaking a language other than English, French or an Aboriginal language lived in one of Canada’s sixth largest census metropolitan areas Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa.

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